Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours
Interesting Events | 16-03-2015 | Posted By Ryan Lee

"...good neighbours become good friends"

Harold & Madge Bishop, Scott & Charlene, Lou Carpenter, Libbie Kennedy; Just a few names that you will have no doubt seen plenty of over the last 30 years.  That's right, 'Neighbours' is celebrating 30 fantastic years this week and the Fun Experts have had the opportunity to share in a great experience.

Channel 5 recently contacted Sunshine Events and had a chat with Camille about their hope to create a video featuring some of the 'Neighbours' cast along with the hire of our very own Game Show.  Camille being an avid fan, was definitely ready to accept the invitation in helping celebrate their 30th year!

Fun Expert Mark took to the road and started on a trip down south - unfortunately not as far as Ramsay Street - with his Game Show in tow.  Pulling up to meet a crew from Channel 5 at their offices in London, Mark was ready to test the 30 year knowledge of some familiar Ramsay Street residents.

Behind The Scenes


Mark had a great view from his control station.  Prepped with the answers (Mark is only 22, so 8 years short on some Neighbour knowledge!) he was ready to have some fun with the host, contestants and his range of fun and funky sound effects - oh, and of course the all importants scoring system!

Contestants, Come On Down!

Having left sunny Erinsborough for good ol' Blighty, we welcome to the podiums Olympia Valance, Tim Phillipps and Anne Charleston!

Or as you may know them ... (L - R) Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson and Madge Bishop.

Taking their places and ready to be tested on their knowledge of all things 'Neighbours', it was time to meet the host.  Who better than someone who has been a huge part of the show since it first aired in 1985 and is still present today.  A suave gentleman, dressed to impress with the Sunshine Events gold sequin jacket; allow us to introduce Mr Stefan Dennis

Looking fab there Stefan!

As part of a massive celebration for the popular Australian soap, the Fun Experts have had a fantastic experience and we can't wait to see the final footage of today's filming edited together, which will be hosted on Channel 5's homepage!

Following filming, Emma Roberts, Digital Editor at Channel 5 said:

"Today's event went brilliantly!  The Neighbours cast had an amazing time doing the quiz (and Stefan Dennis loved the gold jacket!).  Thank you so much - Mark was fantastic.  He was really great to work with and he ensured the cast had a brilliant time.  He was very helpful and he made sure the game show went very smoothly!"

Be sure to follow Sunshine Events on Twitter (@TheFunExperts) and head over to see all the tweets coming in from Neighbours (@NeighboursTV) as they continue to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

If you want to experience the fun of our Game Show, or perhaps want a selfie in the gold sequin jacket (it is rather fabulous!), then be sure to call the Fun Experts!  Each experience with the Game Show is tailored just for you!