A-Z of Fun - D is For...

A-Z of Fun - D is For...
Event Planning Advice | 12-05-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Date! When you begin organising an event and enquiring with The Fun Experts, you might think that the first step is choosing a date that you can start to base your plans around, but is that truly the best approach? 

With 20 years of experience in the events industry, while we understand that you're probably excited for your event and can't wait to put it in your calendar and notify your guests, we recommend Contacting The Fun Experts and seeing if the date you have in mind is available first. We know from experience there's nothing more disappointing than having your eye on a particular piece of kit and it being fully booked out on the day you've organised your event and we want to be able to accommodate to you and help all of our enquiring clients to put together their perfect event. 


Once you've been in touch with our fabulous sales team and they've discussed availability with you, it's time to select the perfect date for your event. While a weekend probably makes the most sense, especially if you're planning a community event as no one is in school or work, you might want to stay open minded and try and work your event plans around a week date, as we actually offer a mid week discount! We're also much more likely to have your favourite entertainment and staff available when you're enquiring pretty close to your event since several weekends this summer are already fully booked.


Not set on your event date yet? We always do our best to pull together some fun for our clients even if it's at the very last minute, so if your event plans are flexible, that's even better. Give The Fun Experts a Call and we can discuss your options and decide on a date and entertainment options that work perfectly for you!