A to Z of Events: B is for...

A to Z of Events: B is for...
Event Planning Advice | 02-05-2018 | Posted By James Sandwell

Your A - Z Guide to organising a successful event

...continues this week with the letter... B! And as it's the second letter of the alphabet, we thought we'd give you two!


You're probably thinking it all comes down to money! You shouldn't let that worry you or massively influence your decisions. At the end of the day, your event - whether it be your Wedding or a Family Fun Day - should be remembered for the (right) memories created, not the size of the bill.

Inviting the Fun Experts® to your event leads you to more than just some fun equipment. With years (over a decade) of experience and a passion like no other, you can trust in the service you're about to receive from Sunshine Events.

Travelling the nation, we're able to accommodate most event types; this is thanks to us being a 'one stop shop' if you will. All the equipment you find across our site is ours to share with you. Each piece, housed in our very own Fun Depot and owned by us. That means, we set the price. There's no additional agency fees or additional management fees that you would need to worry about when going through another party (who would no doubt only come to us anyway).

Our team of Fun Experts® can discuss your requirements direct with you and work toward your budget, no matter how big or small. And with the cost, well you may find cheaper elsewhere, but we urge you when 'shopping around' to ask and check that whoever you choose to work with offers the following:

Your event should be a success, a safe, memorable and fun filled success. Just remember, when allocating your budget for your event, how much are those memories worth to your guests...


For all you corporate folks out there, your next big event could very well be that big product launch. You're exhibiting at one of the largest exhibitions centres across the UK (the GMEX, Ricoh Arena, Olympia ... you name it, we'll be there) and you need to shout about your brand. 

Your brand is a massively important factor, companies can live or die thanks to their brand image, so it's vitally important to get it right. And when you do, you should SHOUT about it!

Not only do we have some of the best, eye catching, crowd drawing equipment choices for your event, but we can even add that extra element that see's your brand truly standout.

With branding options available for a variety of equipment including the Buzz Wire, Batak, Cash Grabber and so many more, you can be sure that your launch is going to be the one that grabs the attention of guests! We can help drawer them in, the rest is up to you - but the Fun Experts® can be on hand to help with that too and keep your audience entertained

Check out the success you can have by seeing what the Fun Experts® did with Vapouriz.

Now I know my A, B, C's...

Next up it's C - hmmm, what could it be?

If you can't wait to find out how your event can benefit from the 'A-Z of Events', then give the Fun Experts® a call today to discuss your upcoming event and see what we can do to help make it the success it deserves to be!

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