A 'Little Chat' with Director of Fun

A 'Little Chat' with Director of Fun
News Articles and Talks | 24-02-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Big Tank are (like us) a Lancashire based media production company, working with their clients to create video content that impacts and grows their businesses. Their Managing Director, Rob Hallam, has recently started a LinkedIn series titled 'Little Chats Big Stories', weekly fifteen minute videos, during which he chats to other business owners as they share their exciting and inspirational stories. You might be wondering where The Fun Experts come into this and with that, we're proud to present to you Episode 3 featuring... drum roll please... our very own Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell! 

 During the video call, Sunny got the chance to share her knowledge in the topic she's most passionate about, making work a fun place to be, whilst filling Rob in on how The Fun Experts came to be what it is today, what it's like working with her husband James Sandwell and the importance of loving what you do for a living. Sunny also shared her story of resilience, from experiencing attempts (failed, of course!) to push her out of a once very male dominated industry to having to shut up shop during the pandemic. 

Once the episode was live, Rob headed to LinkedIn to share his thoughts on his chat with Sunny, saying: "Such an enjoyable chat Sunny and your company story never ceases to amaze and inspire! Keep being exceptional and thank you again for getting involved in our project."

If you'd like to watch the full episode or keep up with the 'Little Chats Big Stories' series you can find them This Way... But you certainly haven't heard the last of Big Tank from us yet, as this isn't the only project we have planned with them this year, so make sure to Follow Us On LinkedIn and keep your eyes peeled for more details!