Your works Christmas do survival guide

Your works Christmas do survival guide

It’s nearly that time of the year again when your dignity flies out the window faster than Father Christmas fills up your stocking. Yes sunshines you guessed correctly, the festive season is creeping upon us and the office Christmas party is just around the corner.

Time to brush up on those survival tips! (Step aside Bear Grylls)

1)      Food not so glorious food

The silent but deadly Christmas party killer – the buffet. Pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puds and piles of roasties higher than Everest. Tis the season to be jolly so indulge yourself sunshines but be mindful, you don’t want to end up slunked in a chair looking like you’ve had one too many after a J20.

Yes the mince pies look tasty, and yes they will probably cure your hangover in the morning but put the napkin down, a self-made doggy bag in your clutch is never a pretty sight (especially when you frantically route through your bag to pay the taxi driver and all you can offer is your leftovers).

Mmm, hand’s up if you’re excited for the garlic smothered delights? Us too but when you’re telling your boss how much you love your job at midnight, he might not -  remember to pack yourself some Trebors and stay minty fresh (you’ll find that tip useful for under the mistletoe too sunshines!)  

2)      Blame it on the boogie

Dancing makes us glad to be alive. We love dancing. We love good dancers. But guess who we love MOST of all? Terrible dancers who don’t care that they are terrible. If you’re all about waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care, then we love you too.

But after some cheap fizz, you might find yourself running to the dancefloor for Mr.Blobby’s 1993 Christmas hit. Before you know it, you find yourself doing the dad dance (or worse, the Miley Cyrus twerk) and the dancefloor is cleared faster than Mr.Blobby’s music career ended.

3)      Fashionista

Making an entrance is one thing, but falling flat on your face is another – we recommend that you leave the skyscrapers at home. Imagine that your colleagues are your worse critics (your Grandma). If she wouldn't approve of your skirt, chances are your colleagues won't either!

Avoid silk! You don’t want to enter the New Year with a new office nickname of Sweaty Susie after over-exerting yourself at the YMCA. Glitz and glamour are all the rage, so grab your sparkly dress (or tie) and make yourself feel like a million dollars (but please, put the ballgown away)

4)      Little Miss Chatterbox

Confessing your sins to Donna from HR in the toilets after one too many glasses of mulled wine is never a good idea. She might offer you a shoulder to cry on (or hold your hair back) but office gossip escalates faster than a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe.

5)      Hey big spender

It’s been a long year, you want to treat yourself (quite rightly so) but remember to squish some money into your shoe for the end of the night. A night cap, taxi home and even some cheesy chips are all essentials to account for.

Most importantly sunshines, stay safe. Look after yourself, and each other.

We also recommend bringing doughnuts and an endless supply of Starbucks coffee to the office the next day (along with a list of power backs) you’ll not only survive your hangover, but when your colleagues are devouring the sugary goodness, last night’s antics will be a million miles away (well, until next year…)

Looking for something unique for the party? We have an endless list of Christmas party entertainment that will ensure that your event is full of cheer!