We spend around 90,000 hours of our life in work...Why wouldn't you have fun at work?

We spend around 90,000 hours of our life in work...Why wouldn't you have fun at work?
News Articles and Talks | 04-11-2019 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

When you really think hard about it and crunch the numbers, your average working career will see you spend roughly 80% of your life in a work based environment, that approximately 90,000 hours...

This very concept has bothered me ever since the day I knew I wanted to begin The Fun Expert journey, so much so that the core values that Sunshine Events is built on is to always make sure that our working environment is a fun and enticing environment for potential as well as current employees. 

 It's quality, not quantity

You would be right to assume that a lot of your employees are motivated financially, however, the sands of time have shifted and we now are at an exciting point in time where your employees seek an intrinsic reward as opposed to extrinsic. This means that giving more joyous rewards such as extra days holiday or remote working is now the new kid on the block. 

From one employer to another, I highly recommend having a 1:1 with each of your employees as I have seen first hand how this not only builds upon your relationship but also allows you a deeper understanding of their wants and needs.  

Outshining competitors

Myself, James and all of The Fun Experts are huge advocates when it comes making the working environment a more enticing and engaging place to be. So much so that The Fun Experts over at Fun at Work continue to show organisations across the industry just how significant a fun working environment can be.

There is a myriad of well-documented studies such as Gallop that have shown there is a significant correlation in employees outperforming their competitors by up to 20% when in a working environment that they enjoy. 

Fuel friendships

Again, looking at the broader scope, in our working lives we will spend more time with our work friends than we will with our other friends out of work. So when you put it like that, enabling and nurturing your in-office friendships can have a significant effect on an organisations ROI. 

In fact, a recent study from BambooHR on employee satisfaction has shown a significant leap in employee satisfaction when exposed to workplace friendships, an incredible 50% wouldn't you know! 

Lets recap

You may have some of the smartest and brightest sparks within your business, however, what use is all of that potential if your employees that you hand picked don't actually want to be there? An employer who embraces an engaging work environment and creates a home away from home is an employer who understands that happy work culture is a vital component when it comes to the future growth of their organisation.