The Fun Experts Run for Fun .... in COLOUR!

The Fun Experts Run for Fun .... in COLOUR!
The Fun Experts Team | 25-04-2016 | Posted By Camille Bradshaw

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) held their second annual 5k Colour Fun Run in aid of raising money for the cancer charity Marie Curie on Saturday 23rd April.  Following the success of last years 5k charity run, both students and staff of UCLan - along with the general public - put on their running shoes to take part in this unique event.

The UCLan Colour Fun Run is a fantatsic event taking place at the UCLan Sports Arena.  The 5k run (or walk) is made all the more vibrant as participants find themselves running through colour clouds that would shower down and cover runners in a varierty of colours - it's safe to say things would get messy .... The Fun Experts are still washing out some of the paint!

The event would begin with all the runners, both young and old, gathering together to create a fantastic site - the colour cloud!  Every participant would throw their sachet of powdered paint in to the air, marking the start of the run.  

The start of the colour cloud

Throughout the 5k run there would be more paint to come.  Volunteers and organisers of the event would stand at various checkpoints where they would create more clouds of colour and aim to make runners all the more vibrant.

This was a fantastic twist on the 5k run which massively affected the atmosphere; runners were beaming with glee and delight as they ran towards colourful clouds and come the end, show off their paint covered selfs like a trophy.


Sunshine Events were thrilled to take part in the event and even more so to become one of the sponsors of the event; given the opportunity to 'sponsor a colour', we of course chose the colour purple.  Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell, had this to say;

"The whole experience reflected what we as Fun Experts aim to do which is have fun and enjoy every moment of the event.  The Colour Fun Run was a great experience and we were proud to be a part of it - roll on 2017's Fun Run!"

With more than 450 people taking part in the 5k run, the Arena was able to donate a fantastic £1,000 from registration fees toward the cancer charity Marie Curie.  

All we can say is the Fun Experts can't wait to go again next year!  In the meantime we'll continue to provide fun at events the way we do best, adding a bit of colour our own way!

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