The Fun Expert's Corporate Social Responsibility

The Fun Expert's Corporate Social Responsibility
Business For Good | 06-01-2020 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Since 2016, Jim and I have made it an integral part of The Fun Expert brand to be well entwined with our CSR policy and use our position in business to give back whenever and wherever we can. 

As The Fun Expert brand continues to grow we travel well over a thousand miles a week ensuring that we bring the smiles, joy and laughter across the UK. However, we realised that this could have a significant impact on the environment. 

More smiles per mile

With our brand Sunshine Events clocking up many miles a day, we knew this was something that needed to be addressed. That is why we are so proud that in 2016 Sunshine Events where named as the first carbon reduction UK events company of its kind!

Green is good!

A major step that allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint was making all of our vehicles fuel efficient, as well as this all of our Fun Experts logistically plan their routes to reduce their miles used and find more environmentally friendly routes. 

Every month, The Fun Experts plant 10 trees in the North West to help offset the carbon dioxide emissions, which aids in reducing and eventually reversing climate change as well as creating more space for local wildlife. 



Giving something back

As Fun Experts it's important to us to give back to those who need it the most.

Rock FM's Cash For Kids has been a charity close to our hearts and one we have supported for several years. Based in Lancashire just up the road from our HQ, Cash For Kids helps in improving the lives of children with disadvantaged backgrounds and disabilities from across the country.

Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell  "Sunshine Events have been proud to have Cash For Kids as our chosen charity for the last few years to help raise as much money as possible and provide great experiences for the children. We provide magical Christmas grotto's each year to their Christmas parties and have even had them re-designed to make them easily accessible for wheelchairs".


As well as giving back to local charities and the environment, The Fun Experts are big supporters of the B1G1 initiative. This organisation focuses on SME's such as ourselves to give back to the world simply by doing the things that we do every day. By embedding the giving opportunities into our everyday business operations, means that when we make a sale, part of that transaction goes to the B1G1 initiative. 

An example of this at work was when we were able to help financially contribute to a school for children in rural India, granting them the ability to have a positive and motivated attitude towards their learning and future development. 

The Jockey Club

Myself and Jim are strong believers in that businesses should use their position to create a healthier world as well as a happier one. We are so proud of this that we have a CSR wall in our HQ to not only remind us but to show clients and guest of the positivity we like to bring to the world as well as sparking an idea within themselves.