The Fun Experts become accredited Archery Instructors - horray!

The Fun Experts become accredited Archery Instructors - horray!
Event Inspiration | 05-04-2017 | Posted By Ryan Lee

White rabbits! Ok so we are a little late (5 days to be exact) but we still can't believe it's APRIL! We're pretty sure we were only wiping the fairy dust off Santa's sleigh last week. This year is flyinggg by and as we approach the summer months (horray!) our Fun Experts are making sure they're geared up to go filled with sunshine - I know, the puns just keep on coming (bear with me!) 

In preparation for the blazing summer...ok i'll start again, maybe i'm a little too optimistic with the good'ol british weather. So, in preparation for the maybe windy, maybe rainy but definitely funshine summer (phew, I need a breath!) recently, a number of our lucky Fun Experts attended an extensive Archery Instructor Course, resulting in each of them earning their Archery Instructor Award (fancy, eh?) 

The Archery Instructor Award is the qualification Instructor Award needed by people outside of the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) and is the minimum occupational standard for Instructing Archery. Spread over 2.5 days, the training course covered elements such as Safety & Archery Range Layout, Teaching Barebow and Freestyle Archery, Equipment Maintenance and much more. 

We're over the moon to report that our team of Fun Experts were able to leave Archery Coaches with their 100% pass rate still intact! Not 1, not 2, not even 3 but a total of 19 Fun Experts are now Archery GB accredited qualified Archery Instructors! How awesome is that?

What does that mean for you? 

We think our Archery Hire is a pretty funtastic addition to Team Building Events and it definitely goes down a storm at Schools and Colleges alike. This historic sport is of course fun, educational and a non-traditional activity for all abilities to take part in. Students? It's a brilliant chance to learn discipline, respect, self-control and achieve a strong sense of personal achievement. It's great fun for the adults too, giving them a chance to let their arrows fly and score a bullseye! 

With the training we have received we have, of course, added the element of fun we add to all of our events. So you can be sure that if you choose to hire our Archery, you will be part of a fantastic experience in which you will learn a new skill from true professionals and perhaps find a new hobby too! With a greater knowledge of the sport and a skill to rival that of Robin Hood! 

Anyway I best shoot off sunshines (no pun intended) i'm just heading to Sherwood Forest!