Sunshine's Spooky Ice Cream bike is a big hit in Blackpool!

Sunshine's Spooky Ice Cream bike is a big hit in Blackpool!

Us Brits do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom! But perhaps in this day and age, you wouldn’t expect to encounter two very gruesome characters attempting to spread the Plague whilst enjoying your relaxing Summer break in Blackpool!

Well, all is not as it seems (thankfully). It was actually ‘Black Death’ flavoured ice cream that the colourful characters were handing out to the resort’s unsuspecting holiday visitors.

The stunt was cleverly conceived by the Marketing Department of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, who wanted to try something different to advertise their famous experience to holiday visitors. Having utilised flyers and street performance in the past, the team came up with the novel new idea to get the general public involved in a fun and engaging way, in what is the busiest part of the season.

The team worked with a promotional merchandise partner to create specially branded Blackpool Tower Dungeon ice cream tubs and their new ’Black Death’ flavoured black ice-cream was born. 

Next, a way to deliver it to the unsuspecting public was required along Blackpool’s famous Prom opposite the Tower where the attraction is housed. Sunshine Events was recommended to the team by Influential, the attraction’s PR agency, as being a creative and exciting company to enlist in for help with their fun Summer 2017 stunt. 

Here at Sunshine Events, we provided the team with a traditional ice cream bike, which was a very striking way of safely storing and distributing the black ice cream from a remote location outside of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. The costumed actors were then able to travel up and down the Blackpool Promenade whilst still keeping the scarey ice cream cold. 

Lisa Pearson, Head of Marketing (Blackpool Cluster) at the Tower said: 

‘We’d like to think our spin on ice cream, a very popular ‘treat’ for Blackpool visitors, made people smile.”

People queued to get their free ice cream tub from The Blackpool Tower Dungeon team and the attraction saw significantly increased visitor volume on on the day. There are further plans to utilise the ice-cream bike again later in the Summer.

“It was great to work with Sunshine Events on our campaign to spread ‘The Black Death’, this Summer’s most sought after ice cream flavour, around Blackpool! Their team was very streamlined and organised. We look forward to working with them again soon.’ 

Ps. Just in case you wondered, the flavour of the black ice cream was… (ta dah!)....   chocolate and chilli!

About the attraction:

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Part of Merlin Entertainments, brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and a ride in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s hilarious fun and it’s sometimes a bit scary.