Sunshine's End of Year Bash!

Sunshine's End of Year Bash!
The Fun Experts Team | 25-01-2017 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Here at Sunshine Events we love what we do - making people smile. Through hard work and determination (and lots of laughter too!), our whole team are proud to be recognised nationally as The Fun Experts – we know you’re envious of our job title! And we couldn't be happier to have a team (or as we like to call, a family) who encapsulate what being a Fun Expert is all about. 

Throughout the year, our Fun Experts travel nationwide bringing the laughter to your events. With no task ever too big, our Fun Experts simply say yes - now what's the question? We are overjoyed that our Fun Experts consistently make our customers smile and with "keep doing what you're doing" as our most common feedback, we couldn't be happier! To say a mahoosive thank you, we love to keep our Fun Experts smiling and treat them to an annual bash! (I know, it's pretty exciting isn't it?)

The evening is filled with treats, surprises and of course, laughter. We like to bring some of our favourite fun equipment too. This year The Fun Experts tested their reaction on our Batak Pro Hire in a race to the highest score (our Fun Expert Dominique scored a marvelous 34 points...there's definitely some sarcasm there!) We thought our Fun Experts deserved an out of this world experience, so we transported them to another planet with our Virtual Reality Experience... and some were a little dissapointed with their reality when they came back! And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without our classic Table Football (we bet Jose Mourinho wishes he had that much control over his team!) 

Starting the year with a bang (excuse the cliche), we wanted to recognise some of our outstanding Fun Experts with Lancashire's answer to the Oscars; our very own Sunshine Award ceremony! We thought we'd share some of the fun with you (and give you a chance to say hello to some of our Fun Experts!)

Newcomer Of The Year Award 

We love it when a sunshine joins the family and when this ray of happiness became a Fun Expert in 2016, we knew we'd struck gold! Robin has made such an impression that when his fellow Fun Experts hear that they will be at an event with him, they're ecstastic! You might have seen Robin at one of your events and we guarantee that he will have had a huge smile on his face! 

Congratulations to Robin Byrne!

Funtastic Award 

This beam of sunshine puts a smile on everyone's faces and when he's around, there's never a dull moment. Striving to make our customers smile, it's our one and only Fil Hamilton! I think all of our Fun Experts can agree that a day without Fil, is a day wasted (see what I did there). Fil has massively grown in confidence and as Camille's right-hand man, we'd be lost without him!

Congratulations to Fil Hamilton!

Above and Beyond Award

We couldn't be prouder that each and every one of our Fun Experts puts consistent efforts into spreading the laughter but we do have those special sunshines who go that extra mile to brighten up your day. Not one, but two of our Fun Experts really have helped Sunshine to grow and we couldn't be more grateful!

Camille, our Manager of Sales and All Things Creative, is the brightest beam of sunshine you will ever meet! Keeping everyone smiling, she is there for Sunshine whatever the time of the day. Camille is the glue behind our sales team and Sunshine Events wouldn't be complete without her. 

With regards to Adrian winning, it's simple; every single event, every shift he has arrived for - it was never a case of clock in, load up, arrive, set up, staff and come home. There is always something more with Adrian. Raring to go and give it more than just 100%. His feedback is faultless, always a perfect 10. He steps up to every challenge he is faced (or forcibly thrown into) and the results totally embrace Sunshine's core values.

Congratulations to both Camille Bradshaw and Adrian Pointer

Fun Ambassador Award

This award is being introduced, sort of a Hall of Fame of Fun Experts. This award may not surface every year but when it does, the award is presented to an individual who not only goes Above and Beyond, is perhaps voted Fun Expert of the Month, is totally FUNtastic; AND they also take it further. We would like to say a sunshine thank you and congratulations to James Hindle who consistently strives to make Sunshine Events brighter ever day! When a problem or mistake arises, he does more than learn a new lesson; he share's his knowledge gained. Meet James, a true ambassador of Sunshine Events!

Congratulations to James Hindle!

Fun Expert Of The Year Award

This award is one that may perhaps mean a little something extra to each and every Fun Expert - it's the one that comes from each other. Each month, each Fun Expert votes for whom they believe has represented what being a Fun Expert is all about; someone who delivers WOW through service, creates fun and maybe a little quirkiness. They're creative, adventuress, passionate, humble and they help toward building a positive team spirit at Sunshine Events. 

Our winners this year - that's right, we have more than one! - have both received nominations every month in 2016 and we are proud to say that both are more than deserving of these awards.

Congratulations to and Matt Byrne and Larissa Pointer!

Selfie Of The Year Award

Each year, we love to add the fun to our awards (they don't call us The Fun Experts for nothing!) and this year, we created the brand spanking new Selfie of The Year Award. If you follow us on social media (let's be friends?) you'll often see our Fun Experts faces splatted all over your screens! We love to capture the moment and we love to see our customers smiling. Although most of our sunshines aren't camera shy, there is one Fun Expert in particular who definitely knows his angle...Peter Stone! Oh and one more thing, unfortunately Peter couldn't be with us as he currently has his name in stars in London but we brought a pretty good match for him...

Congratulations Peter! You look fit for royalty ;-)

Thank you to all our Rays of Sunshine who keep helping to make Sunshine Events fantastic!

Employer of The Year Award

Now this award might be a little hard to guess...I wonder who could be our Employers Of The Year? 

Of course it's our one and only Director's of Fun, Sunny and James, who have created a businesss where the culture, experience, trust and fun is embraced by all (did you know that our Fun Experts have never not wanted to come to work?!) Together they have created a workplace like no other; a home away from home, a Sunshine Family. And we thank you!! 

One final note to all of our Fun Experts; Thank you for making 2016 such a remarkable year for Sunshine Events and ensuring that our customers and friends have had the best experience at their events!  Here's to 2017 and all the fun coming our way!