Sunshine Events Launch New Corporate Fun Day Equipment

Sunshine Events Launch New Corporate Fun Day Equipment
| 15-04-2016 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

We are proud to announce the launch of our fantastically fun corporate fun day equipment! Our Fun Experts are constantly on the lookout for new, exciting products to ensure your event is filled with never-seen-before quality entertainment that really gets your guests talking. 

It is with great excitement we present to you some of the most innovative fun day products on the market available to hire exclusively from Sunshine Events: 

1) Magic Selfie Mirror

The “let me take a selfie” craze is sweeping the nation, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that our customers love to strike a pose. We have adapted the concept of the modern day selfie with a fun-tastic twist - what else? 

Our new Magic Selfie Mirror is sure to excite your guests while giving you the chance to show of your model moves. This exciting addition to our Hi-Tech equipment not only takes your photos and prints them out instantly, but also features new software which generates randomised responses to your photographs both verbally and animated on the mirror itself. So, take a moment to compose, calculate your ‘best side’ and capture those memorable moments in a flash! 

2) Inflatable Hungry Hippos

Hungry hungry for some fun? Jump back into your childhood with this inflatable take on the hungry hippo board game. The concept is relatively the same but this time around you’re the hippo, and oh boy are you hungry. 

The challenge is simple as up to four players are to compete to collect as many balls as possible to feed their hunger. But, there’s a catch.. You will be connected to a bungee rope at all times which is sure to make the challenge that bit trickier as you find yourself hurtling back to the start.

3) Inflatable Helta Skelta

Our inflatable range is forever growing and there’s a new addition. Can you guess? It’s a modern take on a classic fairground attraction with an inflatable spin. Introducing the arrival of our Helta Skelta Inflatable Slide that is sure to bring a little fun and games to your corporate event. 

Climbing up the inflatable spiral stairs to reach the slippery slope at the top has never been so fun, and you will find yourself coming back time again, again and again to have your turn!  

4) Inflatable Wack-a-Wall

Are you looking to challenge your guests in a test of speed and agility?  If so, we know just the entertainment for you and it’s coming soon to Sunshine Events. The Wack-a-Wall Inflatable combines fun and function as you try and keep as many targets pushed through to your opponent's side. 

5) Mini Land Rover Challenge

We’re really excited about this last one and for good reason. The Mini Land Rover Challenge is suited to all manner of events from the Corporate Event, Team Building or just some fantastic fun at your next Fun Day. We challenge you not to fall in love with our mini replica of the classic Land Rover as you guide your remote control 4x4 across the most challenging terrain. Fasten your seat belts funsters, you’re in for a bumpy ride. 

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