Selfridges unveil Christmas...4 months early!

Selfridges unveil Christmas...4 months early!
News Articles and Talks | 03-08-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

As the sun continues to shine and heat waves break records it makes complete sense that Christmas should be at the forefront of everyones minds...No? Best tell Selfridges then!

That's right, yesterday saw Selfridges open their Christmas shop 145 days early!

Now we love Christmas as much as Selfridges clearly yeah, we get this! And so do you it seems - since the announcement in yesterday's news, the calls for Christmas events have been coming in. From Santa's Grottos and theming to the Christmas do; everyone has Christmas on their minds already!

As the weather continues to shine, we're sure Christmas may be put back on hold in a day or so, but don't forget, even though it comes only once a year, it comes around quick so be prepared! The Fun Experts® are here to help create some Christmas magic for your event; inspire you to reward your staff with the ultimate Christmas party; share the Secret Santa rules; and simply provide the festive cheer!

Now excuse us, we're just going to root out the Christmas tree!