You Ask, We Answer...

You Ask, We Answer...

What are your prices?

Why hello there Event planning seeker person, Fil here, stepping in to bring you another blog post from the award-winning events company you know and love! My main role here at Fun Towers is in the sales department and if I had 10p for every time I get asked about our prices, then I’d have… well, a lot more than 10p.

You might have noticed that we don’t publish our prices on our website, like a lot of other events companies do. Sometimes they publish the prices with “from” before them, or add caveats like “delivery costs not included”. That’s how they get you, with the hidden fees! 

You see, there’s more to putting on an event than just the cost of the equipment, but until we’ve spoken with you and gathered more information we won’t know what this might entail. So when you put in a quote on our website, the first thing we do is give you a call on the phone, firstly to introduce ourselves, but most importantly to gain a better understanding of your event. All those little details, like location, venue, timings, number of guests, etc. all make a difference when putting together your quote - only then can we give you a quote, without any hidden fees as everything is included (well, except that pesky VAT). 

Sometimes, we’ll have to quote for an event that’s located some distance from one of our depots, so we employ “minimum spends” to ensure that we can do your event and still cover those essential costs, like paying staff and buying donuts. However, we also have our Milton Keynes depot as well as our Head Office and depot in Preston, allowing us to service the southern area of the UK and be closer to clients. We’ll always do our best to suggest ideas for other equipment to include in your package to meet the minimum spend and ensure you get the best event possible. That’s all part of the Sunshine Events experience!

The good news about minimum spends is that we can bring these down during quieter times of the year, like February and October, giving you the chance to get amazing quality games and activities for great prices, so it’s always worth thinking about scheduling your event during these times. 

Every event is different, so we will always give you a bespoke price, because as you can see, it’s not always as easy as just “giving you the price” - there’s lots more to consider when ensuring that your event runs smoothly and in budget. That’s why we’re the Fun Experts®!

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to us today and we can start our journey together in delivering your event!