Photo Booth or Magic Mirror - what's the difference & which should I choose?

Photo Booth or Magic Mirror - what's the difference & which should I choose?
Event Planning Advice | 07-03-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Booths, Mirrors, Pods, Walls... Stuck for choice?

To be completely honest, you are spoilt for choice. When it comes to choosing a piece of fun equipment that will leave you with lasting memories of your event, there is a massive collection of photo based products to choose from. Not only do you need to decide who the right supplier is for your event, you also have to choose which item is going to be best suited to your event.

When it comes to the latter, with the likes of Photo Booths, Magic Mirrors, Selfie Pods and so many more options available, we can help you decide... because we've took the time to test these products at various events and simply concluded what works best.

As you'll see from our own product range, it comes down to two: the traditional Photo Booth and the Magic Selfie Mirror.  These are the two products that we offer to you for your event, whether it be the big wedding day, a corporate function, bar mitzvah, awards ceremony, product launch, whatever the occasion one of these two is the ideal.  But which one and...

What's the difference between a Photo Booth and Magic Mirror?

Good question and the answer will no doubt help you decide which photo based product your event would benefit from.  

Obviously both take photos; both produce instant print outs; and both will give your guests the memories to take away. So why should you choose one over the other?  There are a few differences, you'll have noticed size being the obvious one. And though we love both products equally and both are suitable and available for all event types, you may decide one is better than the other for you.

Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is the original, the one that started it all - a self contained booth in which guests take a seat and pose for the camera. Over the years advances in technology have allowed us to incorporate green screen technology, meaning this is more than just a booth to take your passport photo. 

With up to six guests at a time (and we welcome any challenge to include more), you'll pose for four photos and using the green screen technology, guests can be placed against any backdrop.  With literally 1000’s of choices that can transport you around the world against tropical sunsets, put you on the front cover of a magazine or place you amongst the stars (the famous ones... or the ones in the night sky) there is no end to fun to be had. Using the best cameras available means high-res images are produced and printed instantly, allowing the ultimate pleasure in guests being able to take the memories away.

A perfect fit for weddings and other private functions, the Photo Booth is also a fantastic option for corporate events such as Exhibition and Product Launches.  The skins, or panels, that surround the booth are the perfect canvas for your company brand. With multiple branding options available that include the print-outs themeselves, the Photo Booth is hands down still the 'daddy' of photo based equipment hire.

Magic Selfie Mirror

"Mirror, mirror on the wall... " We all wish to be the fairest of them all (yes gents, you know you do too!) and, with the Magic Selfie Mirror you instantly add some glamour and magic to the feel of your event.  Taking inspiration from the evil queen’s very own mirror from Snow White, the Magic Selfie Mirror has a personality... and quite a bit of attitude as you'll soon witness. Where the mirror differs in one area is the interaction with guests as the mirror will tease you with it’s interactive voices and on screen graphics.  It will praise you for that perfect pose or maybe the glass will shatter as the Mirror doesn’t take fancy to the choice of props you’re wearing.  

There are two big differences between the mirror and the booth.  The first, as we've touched on already, is size but this isn't to be taken as a negative. The mirror is perfectly designed to fit in to smaller spaces but still offer the same amount of fun.

Then there is the technology: like the booth, the mirror uses high quality cameras to produce hi-res images and instant print outs for guests to take home. However, there is no green screen technology here, the mirror simply focuses on you and your friends, posing right where you are, making this feature a great alternative if you’re a little tight on space.  Which should I choose?

So there we have it, if you want to give your guests lasting memories and a chance to take away a token from the night, then we have the two best products for you. Though both are suitable for similar events and a wide variety of, one will be better suited for you.

And if all of that hasn't helped and you're still stuck as to which is best, give the Fun Experts® a call for some help and invite us along to your event.