New fun has arrived...featuring interactive tech, new vibrant inflatables and more...

New fun has arrived...featuring interactive tech, new vibrant inflatables and more...
Event Inspiration | 15-03-2024 | Posted By Ryan Lee

...everything you could possibly want for your upcoming event!

Each and every year The Fun Experts look to invite new items to their portfolio of fun, and 2024 is no different! Alongside tried and tested entertainment that continues to be offered, updates to equipment as well as brand new products hit our site, ready to entertain you and your guests!

So without further ado...something new!

360 Photo Video Booth

You and your guest will be in a right spin, but definitely the right kind as the 360 Photo Video Booth captures moments in a new fun way.


Take your stand on the 360 podium and with an array of props to choose from, strike a pose as the camera spins around the podium, capturing the fun! Immediately download your captured video via Airdrop, WhatsApp or Email!


Already proving a popular piece of fun, don't delay, book today!

Click here to see more abouth the 360 Photo Video Booth

World's Largest Pacman

Retro continues to be all the rage - adding nostalgia to your event but on a large scale!  A much LARGER scale.

Standing at an impressive 2.6m high, the World's Largest Pacman will entertain all ages, whether a full on retro gamer or just the have a go type!

Featuring the classic, original Pacman game, two people can play at once to try for the highest score.

We're so excited to introduce this in 2024 and can't wait to see the enjoyment it brings you at your upcoming event!

Click here to see more abouth the World's Largest Pacman


 Not just for the cold months; while Curling did officially join us in December for those festive events, the fab thing about this piece of entertainment is it can provide fun all year round. And it's definitely something different to enjoy!

You'll have seen it as part of Olympics and other big sporting events, but never had the opportunity to take part but now you can!

Featuring an inflatable outer cushion, the base / curling lane is designed to provide the perfect curling experience when using the 'rocks' to try and win! You can play with two teams of two (don't forget the 'sweeper') or more!

A real stand out addition for event entertainment!



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Axe Throwing

 Those rustic, junkyard style games have seen a surge of interest in recent years and when it comes to Axe Throwing, who doesn't want to show off how good they are. Already offering variations of Axe Throwing, a new feature for 2024 see's a unique style introduced that provides a safer but no less fun way of introducing fun to your events!

Using a unique bristle target, the axes and ninja stars available to use ensure a more fun experience - all you need is a good aim to strike gold on the target!

Perfect for a whole variety of events from summer fun days to team building, fun at work and university, college and school events!


Click Here to find out more about Axe Throwing

There's more to come...

More Fun is on it's way too as we introduce new inflatables to our range of Assault Courses and interactive challenges, Side Stall games and much more; be sure to #WatchThisSpace but don't shy away from asking The Fun Experts when you enquire, what new entertainment is on it's way.