Land Rover Experience

Land Rover Experience
News Articles and Talks | 02-12-2019 | Posted By James Sandwell

Recently I went down to Peckforton Castle for Land Rover's 4x4 experience to test drive some of their newest toys as well as take in some of the vistas the British Woodland has to offer, all whilst whizzing through freezing cold puddles and up steep embankments.  

Fast forward to last week too when I was sat with a brew in one hand and a chocolate digestive in the other that it hit me, "sometimes business can be like driving through unfamiliar muddy terrain".

I knew right then that I had to get my thoughts written down, hence this week's blog all about my experiences at Land Rover, my business journey, and how you can overcome any obstacle when you have the right vehicle (staff) and understanding (data) of the trials laid before you.  

A driver is only as good as the information they have in front of them, and in this case, it was the Land Rover's off-road centre console. It'll tell you the wheel alignment, weight distribution, tire pressure, heck, I'm pretty sure it will take your temperature if you ask it nicely. 

In business, your employees are your centre console, they are there to make sure you have a complete understanding of your surroundings and to provide you with all the information for you to make the next step.

If I didn't have the important information displayed on the dash that day I would have been driving blind, and most definitely ended up in a ditch with all four wheels in the air.

Land Rover Dash

Sitting behind a Defender you feel like no obstacle is too big because this is the kind of environment it was made for, the same should go for your staff. 

Our Sunshine Events Fun Experts are experts in their field and what may seem difficult to me is an absolute breeze for them. That's why we always listen to our Fun Experts and use the trust and faith in our employees to help make crucial decisions.

"Your company is only as strong as the team that's behind it"

To summarise my experience, the business environment is very similar to an off-road day, your route may be filled with obstacles and difficult paths, however, if you trust in the equipment at your disposal it will guide you through to the other side safely.