How to Engage Your Teams...

How to Engage Your Teams...
Event Inspiration | 31-03-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

...when working at home!

To say it's a strange time is going to be one of the biggest understatements of the 21st century! While we check in with our teams and asking 'How are you? or "I hope you're well"...words that today, have more genuine thought behind them, it's important to remember that we are here for one another.

So without further ado, we wanted to share with you some ideas and inspiration in how you can keep engagement within your teams and their families a top priority and ensure that we are all here for one another during uncertain times.

The Fun Experts at Fun At Work have created a list of ideas that you can implement in to your daily / weekly video calls, inspire activities within your employees families but more importantly, create a platform that your people know they have a place to talk if they need.

We've already had great success with the likes of our Virtual Quiz - including having fun with technology and creating some rounds that feature DIY movie scenes, a huge hit! - but it's important to remember that during all of this, your people need to know that they can just talk. And it doesn't have to be altogether: 1 to 1 and not about work is ok.

No matter who we are, everyone is going through something during this unprecedented time, but it's with the support of family, friends, colleagues and employers that we get through this together.

For more information on how you can implement some of these great ideas, feel free to get in touch. We'll be more than happy to share with you how you can introduce one or more of these fantastic engagement ideas. And of course, feel free to share!

We'd love to hear from you, even just to check in and maybe you too can share some of the ideas you have introduced to engage your employees and care for their wellbeing.