Fun Expert of the Month - Summer Edition

Fun Expert of the Month - Summer Edition
The Fun Experts Team | 01-09-2015 | Posted By Camille Bradshaw

It's back with a bang!  

After having more than our fair share of fun over the last few summer months (and there is still a month to go!) we've been a little neglectful of sharing our monthly Fun Expert of the Month news with you - sorry!

So here it is, a recap of the Fun Experts who have gone above and beyond in the line of duty during what has been our busiest summer on record!

As we travel the nation spreading fun with our selection of Inflatables, Photo Booths and so much more, we have had the chance to share in so much fun at Family Fun Days, Corporate Events, Weddings - you name it, we've been there.

Coming up are the last two recipients of the Fun Expert of the Month award along with this month's winner.

Usually nominations are made by fellow Fun Experts, giving them the chance to show their appreciation of how much the hard work and effort of their team mates really means to them.  For June's award this was the case.  For July and August, with teams on  the road working hard, the Management Team stepped in and gave their votes!

So without further a-do, here are the winners from both June and July respectively;

June - Dave Lee

Having been with Sunshine Events just a short time, Dave has definitely made an impression on his fellow Fun Experts.  The class clown, the jestser - whatever you want to label him you know for a fact that when you're with Dave, tha laughs will be a plenty.

Of late Dave has been able to use his ex-marine status to great effect at team building events and his love of simply enjoying life, Dave has been the perfect addition to our team and continues to entertain not only our clients but his fellow Fun Experts too!

July - Kim Barker

Kim (Left) with previous FeoM winner Lorria!

What can we say about the lovely Kim?  An absolute delight to work alongside, Kim has been with Sunshine Events for quite some time spreading joy with all the fun we have to offer.

Jumping on board to help bring you a fantastic event, Kim can also be found in her 'day job' as she brings joy to young children in her role at her local Nursery.  That time spent during the important part of a youngsters life shines through as she attends Family Fun Days and more, where her interaction with children (and adults too!) makes her an absolute pleasure to be around.

Not one to shy away from hard work, Kim will 'muck' in with the rest of the team and ensures that team spirit is always at a high!

August ....

And so that brings us up to date - now who could have possibly grabbed the attention of the Fun Experts Management Team in August.

This month's winner has been with Sunshine Events for the last 3 years.  In that time we have seen him grow in to a fantastic character and unfortunately we are sorry to say that this individual is about to move on and follow a new career as he heads on down to London town.

A fantastic addition to the events team, when you see his name appear on an event list you can be sure that you're in safe hands.  Having experienced everything from Private Parties to large scale Team Building events and Corporate Events, this individual has been an absolute asset to the team.

So without further a do and a tear in the eye as we prepare to say goodbye, this month's nomination for Fun Expert of the Month goes to ...

Luke Tapper

And so Summer turns to Autumn and the fun continues!  This month, nominations are back in the hands of Fun Experts but .....

If you would like to nominate one of Sunshine Events team who went above and beyond at YOUR event then feel free to do so.  Simply send us an email to and your nomination will be included - you may even receive a little treat of your own!