FUN BOXES - Available Now!

FUN BOXES - Available Now!
News Articles and Talks | 26-08-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

As the 'day to day' continues for The Fun Experts at The Fun Experts, working with clients across the country providing our Covid Secure service at events, it became clear that for some, fun has to continue in different ways. And just like that, the Eureka moment happened!


Think outside the box...

Circumstances have changed and are different for many. As some businesses look to return to the office, others remain working from home. Engagement and wellbeing have both been tested in recent months and, well, it's been a fair few months now and inspiration perhaps wanes a little.

" the beginning of lockdown one of our customers came to us and said she was struggling to keep everyones spirits up, especially through Zoom and being socially distant in the office. She asked if we could help provide remote fun that wasn't virtual..."

Sunny Sandwell - Director of Fun at The Fun Experts

Allow us then to introduce a little inspiration and provide you with the positive solution! The Fun Experts at Fun Depot have launched our all new Fun Boxes. And it does exactly what it says on the box: a box. But, it comes with real purpose, designed by The Fun Experts to support wellbeing, enhance engagement, build relationships and nurture your people. 

Better still, there are a variety of boxes available, that guarantee a smile for everyone.


What's in the box?

 Here is just a taster of what you can order now:

And let us not forget that certain festive season on the horizon, the Festive Fun Box is on route too and available to order now.

Each box has been designed to capture the essence of what is needed to not only bring happiness to the lives of your colleagues, your customers and more, but to support their wellbeing; reignite passion and engagement; help (re)build relationships between teams; and just as importantly, show your teams, your people that you care!

It isn't just a case of receiving a box of goodies either. Every item in each themed box comes with thought behind it - we won't spoil the surprise though, suffice to say that each box comes with a 'postcard' relevant to your box choice that shares the reason behind each fun item.


Don't just take our word for it...

Already the feedback has come in and it's safe to say that the Fun Boxes are a hit!


Whether a team of 20 people working from home or 2000 back in the office, an intake of new 'Fresher' students or a simple Thank You to your customers - The Fun Experts will put together and deliver your Fun Boxes for you to share and inject a little fun during these difficult times.


Available to order now!

If you would like more information about the Fun Boxes or would like to place an order, visit The Fun Experts at Fun Depot where you can see the selection of boxes and order direct or feel free to contact us right here.