Coffee, Cake & Pong...all for a great cause!

Coffee, Cake & Pong...all for a great cause!
Business For Good | 28-09-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

As it was once said "Let them have cake", albeit for a much better reason today!

The 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' returned on 28th September and the Fun Experts were not going to miss an opportunity to don their pinnys and bake up a treat, all for such a great cause. From classic brownies to victoria sponge, coffee cake to weetabix loaf (yes that's a real thing!), we gathered round with coffee (or the much preffered tea) in hand and, well, we stuffed our faces to be fair!

This fantastic cause, one close to many of our hearts, was a great reason to take a break, catch up and raise some pennies for Macmillan Cancer Support.

We even introduced a challenge for the team; Director of Fun Sunny offered that Sunshine Events would double the money raised at Fun Towers today, should anyone be able to take her crown as Queen of Pong - featuring our all new interactive ATARI Pong Table.

The Fun Experts lined up and after round 1, it was evident that Sunshine Events were definitely going to be honouring that pledge! It was a valiant effort to retain the crown though.

Let's make it the biggest ever!

Together the team have raised just over £200 and with great pleasure we'll be donating this to a cause were life, when sadly affected by cancer, is still a life and one more than worth living.

To everyone hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning today, we salute you. Now, time for more cake...

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