A super duper Bank Holiday weekend!

A super duper Bank Holiday weekend!

Hands up if you're still feeling the Bank Holiday blues? Hey, we have something to cheer you up, it's only a 4 day week - hooray! So turn those frowns upside down and grab yourself an ice cream because the sun has got his hat on and we LOVE it! I think we can all agree that life is better in flip flops, we love the sunshine (it's in our name!) and most importantly, we love the FUNshine! Especially bringing it to all of your brilliant events. So sit back, grab yourself an iced tea and let us tell you all about our adventures this Bank Holiday weekend. 

A dough-tastic event for Domino's new store opening in Shrewsbury! 

It was all smiles and laughter for Domino's new store opening in Shrewsbury. Sunshine Events have the perfect crowd-pullers for promotions and exhibitions alike ensuring to grab people's attention and giving people a chance to relax and most importantly, have some FUN! Our client chose to hire our brilliant Bungee Run Inflatable (see what we did there?) to connect with their customers. What fun is there to be had?

The aim of the game is to run as fast and as far as you can but there is a twist, the participants are strapped to a bungee cord so once they relax, there's a guarantee that they will be pulled back to where they started! 

Striking a pose at Chester Races!

Oh we do love a good Fun Day and Sunshine Events offer a wide selection of fun and exciting equipment hire to make help your event a huge success! Chester Races were looking to create a day filled with fun for all and so our clever little Fun Experts recommended the following;

Guests released their inner Robin Hood with our qualified Archery Instructors and our classic Helter Skelter slide had people coming back for more and more...and more! And yes, that includes the adults too - we saw you!

Riding the waves with UFA Trader at Liverpool's Vaper Expo! 

Have you ever seen a vampire surfing? Nope neither had we, until now! Hiring the Surf Simulator ensures that you and your guests are in for a fantastic time as the Fun Experts give you a thrilling ride, simulating an experience just like being out in the open ocean! 

This piece of equipment was definitely a show stopper at Liverpool's Vaper Expo the question is, did the Vampire manage to stay on the longest?

Let's all do the Derby dance with Rainhill Gala!

We absolutely love it when our FUN (and sometimes all things weird and wonderful) nature is embraced by all and we still can't stop smiling after this weekend's funtastic event with Rainhill Gala. Sunshine Events brought the fun of the fair to their fundraising event with our Roll A Ball Donkey Derby Hire and I think we can say that the video speaks for itself!

Let's all do the Derby dance!  

Have a fantastic week everybody!