A 'Crazy' Idea...

A 'Crazy' Idea...
News Articles and Talks | 10-07-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

If you've kept up with The Fun Experts either on our social media platforms or other blogs, then you'll probably know that Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell, is no stranger to speaking at a variety of events about the importance of having fun in all aspects of life, particularly the workplace... but this event was a little different!

When Lewis Ellis, 'The Apprentice' finalist and founder of Hussel Marketing, got in touch with Sunny to propose a 'crazy' idea she simply said, "tell me more!" (The Fun Experts was built on a crazy idea after all!). What followed was Lewis asking Sunny to speak at a Hussel Marketing Networking Event but wait for it... it would be held in a dark abandoned warehouse in Manchester, oh and Sunny and the other two speakers would be wearing masks and cloaks.

Without hesitation, Sunny said yes, for five reasons:

  • This was someone doing something out of the norm and Sunny is a huge believer in that
  • She got to meet and network with new people (one of her favourite things to do in the business)
  • Sunny hates being scared, and this would push her out of her comfort zone
  • It's FUN
  • Why the hell not?!

By the end of the event, Sunny had no regrets whatsoever! She had the opportunity to meet a load of new people and speak to them about how fun should be a core value for people in business, alongside Ryan Felix, founder of Altbe, a company specialising in wellbeing and engagement for business growth as well as corporate and trade show magician, David Burgess. To top it all off, because a networking event held by Lewis Ellis isn't like any typical networking event, they all got to destroy a car! Yes, you heard right, our Director of Fun took a sledgehammer to an old vehicle and surprisingly enjoyed it. All in the name of fun, right?

Like any opportunity to talk about the subject she's so passionate about, Sunny loved being a part of this experience and always jumps at the chance to be involved in anything out of the box, so to keep up with all the fun, make sure you're following Sunny on her LinkedIn page: Sunny (Scott) Sandwell