2014 - The End!

2014 - The End!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 ...

And just like that, it's over!  2014 was an amazing year for Sunshine Events and it ended on a massive high as the Fun Experts travelled far and wide to join in on the festivities; From Aberdeen to Westminster, there was plenty of fun to be had and joy to share.  After such a busy period and spending Christmas with our families, we finally came back together in the New Year to celebrate the year that was 2014.

Gathering at our favourite watering hole in Preston we tucked in to some great food and fine ale, sharing in some of the tales of the last twelve months and to congratulate the team on working so hard in ensuring that your events were one to remember for some time to come.  There had been so many highlights from events that we had attended in 2014, all of which you agree were fantastic.  

So as a thank you to the Fun Experts, the 2014 awards were presented with 3 awards up for grabs; Newcomer of the Year, the Above and Beyond Award and finally Fun Expert of the Year!

The Awards

Our two (self pro-claimed) handsome Logistics Managers took to the floor to welcome everyone.  Our two hosts Big Brad and Ryan are witness to much of the goings on within Sunshine Events and made for the perfect double act; Laurel & Hardy perhaps!  And so, after a little opening act (the lack of a song and dance number was disappointing) it was on to the first award.

Newcomer of the Year Award

Every year we welcome new faces to the team and this year there was one individual who stood out; This one individual understands completely what the role of a Fun Expert involves and always ensures that the client and team mates are having a fantastic experience, feedback from their team mates is always of the highest praise.  

There was then no competition for this year's nomination and so we welcomed Lorria Talbot front and centre to receive her award and prize.  Lorria joined Sunshine Events back in July 2014 and made such an impression on her colleagues that she won Fun Expert of the Month within her first full month of joining the team.  We're sure Lorria will continue to be a valued member of the Fun Experts and we're excited to continue on our journey with her.  Newcomer for 2014, perhaps Fun Expert of the Year 2015?

Newcomer of the Year

Lorria Talbot

For 2015's recipitent however this may have to be renamed the 'Talbot' Best Newcomer Award after Lorria followed in her brother Logan's footsteps, 2013's winner!

Above & Beyond Award

The Fun Experts are often tested to the highest of their abilities and Sunshine Events are forever grateful for the time, hard work and solidarity that each member offers.  Every now and again there are a few who are willing to go that extra mile, taking just one more step more than they needed to in helping us provide the service we pride ourselves on.

To go Above and Beyond is perhaps an understatement for what many of our team do; however, in 2014 one individual went even a little further!

Above & Beyond Award

Steph Mahy

Having joined Camille and Leona on the Sales Team back in March 2014, Steph has made a lasting impression on her team.  Always willing to take on a new challenge, Steph also understands that this isn't your typical 9-5 job.  You'll have definitely spoken to her on the phone but you may have seen her on the road too attending events and showing what a true Fun Expert can do. Thanks for everything Steph, the Above and Beyond Award 2014 is well deserved!

Fun Expert of the Year

And then came the big one!  Following 2013's winner, Dominic, meant there were some pretty big shoes to fill.  Each month the Fun Experts have been nominating who they think is their Fun Expert of the Month (just in case you missed last months announcement, head to our Facebook page), with all the votes from previous months taken in to account to name Fun Expert of the Year.

And so the envelope was opened, which turned out to be the wrong one ... and so the envelope was opened ... again!

Fun Expert of the Year

Gary Cartwright

"Gary just goes from strength to strength.  He has really come into his own as a Fun Expert!  He is well respected by his fellow Fun Experts and ensures that everyone involved in the event has a fantastic time"

"Whenever I find out I'm on an event with Gary I know it's going to a good one.  Trustworthy, hardworking and hilarious.  The essential ingredients to be a Fun Expert"

"Gary is a massive part of the team and is always receiving rave reviews from clients and colleagues."

"Great to work with and working well as part of the team; Gary always has a beaming smile, eager to help, eager to learn and just a joy to work with"

These are just some of the things that have been said about this years recipient and it's safe to say he will definitely be filling the shoes of Dominic's previous win.  Gary truly does embody what it is to be a Fun Expert.  Having been with Sunshine Events for the last 18 months, he came along at an exciting time and has had a chance to see the company go from strength to strength, something he has matched in himself.  He is a pleasure to work with and we know you will have a fantastic time when he next comes to your event.

And so it came to an end ... or so we thought!  There was one final award to be handed out which Big Brad almost lost the ability to speak about ...

Once he regained composure this special award was handed to Crispin Mockler but we'll leave him to explain next time you see him!

As we now look forward, 2015 is sure to be bigger and better and we can't wait to face the new challenges ahead and share in the fun you have planned.  Be sure to keep an eye on our Blog this year as we keep you up to date with all the fun we're having and share in some great tips, such as the Ultimate Guide to Throwing An Awards Ceremony - it worked for us!

All the best for 2015 folks, we'll leave you with a few other sights caught on camera from the night.


Mark Vs Lorria

Having already won Newcomer of the Year, Lorria set her sights on another title!


Kim, Larissa and Lorria adding glamour to the evening.


Harley was about to perform a magic trick as he made the empty glass disappear.


Crispin and his unique award - a very happy recipient!


(L-R) Kerrin, Harley, Gary, Dominic, Beth and James


Meet the girls with whom you start your event journey with, Steph and Leona.  Camille is behind the camera!