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Top Doc

Remember playing the good ol’ Classic Operation as a child (oh the Simple times) how about taking it to a whole new level? Say, make it 10x bigger which automatically increases the pressure 10x.

Do you remember the aim of the game?  Use the metal wand and now it’s amazing electromagnetism to lift the (now life-sized) body parts from your patient. BUT DON’T FORGET! If you touch the sides whilst removing any body part the current will cut and the piece will drop, as well as being abruptly met by a large buzz/klaxon sound and sacrifice a point for your medical blunder.

Perfect for indoor events as well as exhibitions and promotional events, Top Doc operation draws in the crowds and becomes just as nerve-wracking watching as it is being the one conducting the surgery.

What events are the Top Doc suitable for?

  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate Events
  • Evening Functions
  • Christmas Parties
  • Shopping Centre Promotions
  • University Events
  • ...and many more!

Key Features of the Top Doc

  • Approximately 3ft 10” x 1ft10”
  • Interchangeable skirt for bespoke branding
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Comes in a portable flight case
  • Requires a 240v electricity supply
  • Equipment Size: 0.65m wide x 1.3m deep x 0.15m high
  • Operational Area Required: 1.1m wide x 1.2m deep x 2.0m high

Speak to a Fun Expert today to discuss the bespoke upgrade options available from additional equipment, branding, prizes, props and theming. As we own all our own equipment we have the flexibility to adapt equipment to suit your requirements.

Struggling to make your mind up? The Fun Experts can help!

Since 2003, the Fun Experts have inspired the nation in their event needs; supporting you throughout your journey and delivering Wow through service!

Top Doc

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