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Laser Shooting Simulator Hire

Ok sharpshooters, it’s time to show off your skills and let the inner marksman in you out as you do your best to hit the targets presented before you.  Featuring a realistic-looking rifle containing a harmless infrared transmitter you’ll really think you’re at the rifle range when you hire our Laser Shooting Simulator.

The set up contains a large projector screen and canopy to house the equipment, whilst an infrared receiver stands in front of the projector to detect infrared signals reflected from your rifle via the screen.  This allows a high level of accuracy when competing in the wide range of target-based games. Targets pop up and it is your task to shoot them all. The closer to the centre, the more points you win!

  • Wild Game Hunt - experience the Great Outdoors!
  • Clay Shooting - PULL! The classic British Sport
  • Saloon Shoot Out - Head to the Old West
  • Target Range - Fire at paper targets, just like the real thing
  • Laser Darts - Fire at the dartboard to become a Darts master!
  • Duck Hunting - Quack!  Moving targets are much more difficult
  • Laser Tennis - Like Pong, but way more tricky!
  • Hit The Can - Keep the can in the air by shooting at it

What events are the Laser Shooting Simulator Hire suitable for?

The Laser Shooting Simulator has a perfect mix of all kinds of simulation games, making it perfect for all kinds of corporate events and entertainment hire.

  • Promotional Events
  • Charity Events
  • Weddings
  • Shopping Centre Promotions
  • University Events
  • Team Building
  • Exhibitions

Key Features of the Laser Shooting Simulator Hire:

  • A variety of games to play
  • Perfect for indoor events, away from direct sunlight
  • Realistic-looking rifles
  • Staffed by a fun expert

Take aim on this amazing equipment and you’ll be the super sharpshooter at your next event!

Equipment Included with Laser Shoot Simulator Hire:

  • Projector, Laptop and Software
  • 2 x Full Size Rifles
  • 1 x Pop-up Projector Screen
  • Wide Range of Games (see below)

Laser Shooting Simulator (10).jpg

Wild Game Hunt

A nice hunting twist to the Laser Sniper. The animals are walking around the forest, waiting to be shot by you. Can you hit them? Don’t shoot too fast though, you don't want to hit your colleague hunters who are also walking around. Guess what's on for dinner tonight.

Laser Shooting Simulator (6).jpg

Clay Shooting

The classic British sport. Shoot the clay from mid-air or see it shamelessly fall on the ground. Experience how the British nobles are playing this sport for decades. British moustache is not included.

Laser Shooting Simulator (8).jpg

Saloon Shootout

The best wild-west shooting simulator. Hit the rogue cowboys and not the damsels in distress. Unless of course you want to lose points quicker than your shadow. Don't forget to reload your Wild West six-shooter when it is empty or be too late.

Laser Shooting Simulator (9).jpg

Target Range

Five shots, two moving targets. You have to aim carefully and shoot them, taking into account that the targets moving around. Hit as close to the center as possible and you receive more points. The further the targets are away the more difficult it gets.


Laser Darts

Be Phil Taylor, world champion of Darts and dart like a pro at LaserDarts. Try to go for a 9-darter. If you increase the difficulty, the dartboard will be much more difficult to hit. Game on!!

Laser Shooting Simulator (7).jpg

Duck Hunting

Hunting game in which the player must shoot the flying ducks. Three difficulty levels can be selected to control the speed of the game and ducks.


Laser Tennis

Forget 'Pong', Laser Tennis is equally awesome and fully applicable to the 21st century. Play with two players and hit the tennis ball back at your opponent. The longer the ball is in the play, the faster and more difficult it gets. Who can score the most points?


Hit The Can

In the old American game 'Hit the can' you have to try to keep the cans in the air. This sounds much easier than it actually is. Beat Newton and keep the cans in the air. Put the same cowboy hat on you put on at the Saloon Shootout and experience the Wild West for yourself.

Laser Shoot Risk Assessment

  • Equipment Size: 3.0m wide x 6.0m deep x 3.5m high
  • Operational Area Required: 4.0m wide x 7.0m deep x 3.5m high
  • Power: standard socket (generator hire available)
  • Staff: trained assistant provided
  • Number Of Users: 2
  • Recommended Age/Height of Users: 7 years and above
  • Access Requirements: please note that a width of 0.82m is required when moving the equipment through doorways and corridors. If you feel that access may be an issue, such as stairways or lift access, uneven surfaces, obstructions or perhaps long distances then please mention this in your enquiry.

Speak to a Fun Expert today to discuss the bespoke upgrade options available from additional equipment, branding, prizes, props and theming. As we own all our own equipment we have the flexibility to adapt equipment to suit your requirements.

From the very first phone call I knew I had made the right choice, very professional and most helpful. Thank you so much!
Mel Dreszler
I have had 5 events through The Fun Experts. They all went really well and the staff were very helpful. I would definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND!.
Sam Spencer

Struggling to make your mind up? The Fun Experts can help!

Since 2003, the Fun Experts have inspired the nation in their event needs; supporting you throughout your journey and delivering Wow through service!

Laser Shooting Simulator Hire

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