Are Exhibitions Any Good?

Are Exhibitions Any Good?
Event Ideas & Inspiration | 29-01-2020 | Posted By Will Taylor

Good afternoon fellow Sunshiners! Your trusty Fun Expert Will here. With one year over and a new year upon us, you may find your self that age-old question, “are exhibitions any good?”.

When out on the road and talking with other organisations this questions tends to come up quite a lot. But have no fear fellow Sunshiner! As this week's blog ‘You ask, We Answer” we will be answering that question for you, as well as providing you with some crucial facts that may just make you think twice when it comes to exhibitions and promotions.

Before I delve with you into the juicy bits, let’s me put some key facts out there for you (clears throat)

  • UK exhibitions see an average of 13 million (THIRTEEN...MILLION) visitors a year!
  • This generates around 11...Billion pounds on spends
  • There’s a 5% decrease in brand perception when a company doesn’t attend a trade show that’s relevant to their industry.
  • In 2010, exhibitors spent 2.7 billion pounds on products and services to demonstrate at events
  • As of 2015, this sector was worth an estimated………..(drum roll)........£19.2 billion! 

Firstly, let’s start off simple with “why should I take part in an exhibition?”. Great question, and one that comes accompanied with an abundance of answers (Get ready!)

Improves your reputation

Exhibitions allow you the opportunity for your brand to venture out of the office (beyond the four walls) and into venues so big like NEC or Manchester Central you’ll think you’ve scored a slot at Glastonbury!

Your team can help staff the stand

What better way to meet potential clients than meeting them face-to-face. Exhibitions allow your staff to be the living breathing version of your brand. In doing this everyone who visits your stand is a potential customer, and by talking face to face (rather than a digital interface) you’ve improved your first impression tenfold!

“But Will! How much is it going to cost me to have a stand at the exhibition?”

Reading you loud and clear with that one, and I have just the answer for you. Traditionally, it would usually cost you anywhere between £300-£500 per sqm, coming to about £3000 on average. However! as famously quoted by Liam Neeson "with a particular set of skills....... it is possible to negotiate the rate down depending upon the time you make the booking".  

How to measure your ROI

There are some cases where instant cash can be made at exhibitions in the form of on-the-spot-sales, however, the meat and gravy of your money making comes from AFTER the exhibition! This is why it is important to collect all of those names and addresses of people who have been showing interest in your offerings. Just having a super simple visitors list or a small post box for business cards would be tip-top. 

How often should I go to exhibits?

The aim of the game here is to follow the crowd, more specifically, your crown. Look at your target audience and see what venues they have been visiting (websites such as will provide you with the information on the turnout and past  attendees)

Finally, be yourselves and have fun! Every attendee wants to see the real faces behind a brand and an exhibition is a perfect opportunity to make that first impression as well as networking. If you would like to know more, we have another blog focusing on the '4 key powers of promotion' for a little tea time reading.

If you like the sounds of branding and promoting at an exhibition take a look at the kind of products and ideas we have available for you to hire that is guaranteed to make sure all eyes are set on you!

If you would like to know where we got some of our information and figures from please visit these links if you would like to know more about the power of exhibitions and promotions.


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